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7 Spheres of Light: Chakra Meditations and E-Course

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SEVEN DAY CHAKRA RESET Balance your 7 main chakras with Tabytha's channeled guided meditations infused with high frequency music and gain knowledge and wisdom with 10 written lessons. BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS IN ONE WEEK WITH ONE MEDITATION PER DAY and revisit this course when you need to realign your chakras and tune back into your highest frequency. This digital product Includes 7 Chakra Animated Visualizer Videos, 10 Written Lessons, and 1 PDF Ebook. * You also receive 7 mp3 audio files for free as I am gifting you the 7 Spheres of Light Chakra Guided Meditation Album! * Each chakra meditation is 7-11 minutes and provides you with 60 total minutes of healing in audio and video format. The guided meditations takes you through an audio or visual journey with music, stories, colors, environments and affirmations pertaining to each chakra. Each meditation focuses on one chakra at a time, relaxing your physical body, balancing your emotions and raising the frequency of your energy centers. Relax, close your eyes and listen to the audios or watch the mesmerizing videos and get lost in the magical animations. The companion Ebook provides instructions on how to use the meditations, benefits of meditation, a lesson about each chakra, sound frequency healing and the story behind the creation of the music. Access all the materials in your members area on this website. The ebook and audios are available to download. The Introduction Chapter Contains: 7 Spheres Ebook Chakras and Guided Meditation Lesson Chakras and Sound Healing Lesson How to Use the 7 Spheres Meditations The Story of Creating 7 Spheres of Light 7 Spheres of Light Production Credits Each of the Seven Chakra Chapters Contains: Chakra Lesson ( Read and Learn beginner and advanced knowledge on each chakra. ) Chakra Video ( Watch the guided meditation visualizer for each chakra. ) Chakra Audio ( Listen to the free bonus mp3 audios from 7 Spheres Of Light album.

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